Traditional Chinese medicine for treating psora



The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine for treating psora. The psora is also named psoriasis and is common chronic inflammatory erythroderma desquamativum which is easy to relapse; and the pathogeny and the pathology of the psora are still not very clear, and a specific medicine with low side effect and high treatment effect is insufficient, so that the psora becomes chronic and is difficult to cure and easy to relapse. The traditional Chinese medicine is characterized by comprising the following components in part by weight: 60 to 150 parts of garter snake, 50 to 90 parts of snake slough, 90 to 150 parts of centipede, 90 to 150 parts of scorpion, 75 to 120 parts of stiff silkworm, 60 to 120 parts of pangolin scales, 90 to 180 parts of Paris polyphylla Sm., 90 to 180 parts of glabrous greenbrier rhizome, 30 to 150 parts of lightyellow sophora root, 60 to 150 parts of densefruit pittany root-bark, 90 to 180 parts of safflower and 90 to 150 parts of Chinese angelica. All the components are mixed, ground and homogenized. The traditional Chinese medicine is used for treating the psora.




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