Process for reducing consumption of hydrochloric acid during chlorination distillation of germanium-containing raw material



The invention relates to the technical field of hydrometallurgy, in particular to a method for recycling germanium from a germanium-containing raw material through the magnesium chloride-hydrochloric acid distillation method. The invention discloses a process for reducing the consumption of hydrochloric acid during the chlorination distillation of the germanium-containing raw material. The process is characterized in that after the germanium-containing raw material is pretreated, magnesium chloride is used to replace a part of industrial hydrochloric acid to react with the germanium-containing raw material, and a part of distillation residual liquid is recycled to distill. By adopting the two measures, the consumption of hydrochloric acid during the chlorination distillation of each germanium raw material can be greatly reduced and the consumption of quick lime for neutralizing the waste liquid can be greatly reduced. Therefore, the aim of reducing the production cost can be achieved.




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