Production method of uvioresistant functional polrvinyl chloride



The invention relates to a production method of uvioresistant functional polrvinyl chloride, and the method comprises the following steps of: doping zinc oxide by transitional metal nickel with excellent light resistance and heat resistance to prepare Zn-Ni composite uvioresistant powder; and polymerizing a powder microemulsion and a monomer chloroethylene in situ to obtain the uvioresistant polrvinyl chloride. The method provided by the invention has the advantages that (1) zinc oxide is doped by transitional metal nickel, a PH adjustor is added to control the PH of the reaction system as alkalinity, and dosage of nickel is increased to increase the generation of lattice defect of zinc oxide so as to improve the uvioresistant capacity of zinc oxide; and (2) the uvioresistant functional polrvinyl chloride is obtained by in situ polymerization so as to improve the dispersion of inorganic nanoparticles in a PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) substrate.




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