Multimedia broadcasting access device and multimedia broadcasting access method



The invention discloses a multimedia broadcasting access device and a multimedia broadcasting access method. The device comprises a wireless local area network communication module, an application management unit, an event management unit, a mobile multimedia broadcasting demodulation unit and a stream medium server unit. The wireless local area network communication module can be accessed through one or a plurality of wireless Internet devices. The application management unit receives application metadata relative to multimedia broadcasting programs from the wireless Internet devices and generates event information. The event management unit registers a corresponding event and a trigger condition. The mobile multimedia broadcasting demodulation unit meets the trigger condition in a responding mode and demodulates audio/video signals relative to the event. The stream medium server unit receives the demodulated audio/video signals from the mobile multimedia broadcasting demodulation unit and gives out the audio/video signals to the wireless Internet devices through the wireless local area network communication module. The device and the method can not only route multimedia broadcasting to the corresponding wireless Internet devices, but also support interactive business between the devices.




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