Manufacturing technology for baking-free brick with blind holes



The invention discloses a manufacturing technology for a baking-free brick with blind holes. The manufacturing technology comprises the following steps: (1) burdening: mixing and uniformly stirring coal ash, ardealite, quartz sand, cement and water; (2) making brick: conveying the uniformly stirred raw materials to a brick-making machine, wherein blind hole models which are made of steel are arranged in the brick-making machine, and making brick blanks through high-pressure vibration and extrusion forming; (3) maintaining: firstly stacking the brick blanks in a 40 DEG C constant-temperature shed for 25-30 h, drawing out the blank hole models, transferring the brick blanks to be stocked in the open air, in the first three days after stacking the brick blanks in the open air, uniformly spraying water for 2 times a day, and placing the brick blanks for 15-25 days to prepare the bricks. The manufacturing technology overcomes the defect of the prior art. The technical design is reasonable and simple. The baking-free brick is high in waste utilization ratio, high in brick strength, light in weight, short in production period, and free from emission of pollutants. The manufacturing technology is objectively required.




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