Multiplex transmission apparatus, timing synchronizing circuit for multiplex transmission apparatus, and carrier phase synchronizing circuit, multiplex transmission method, and timing synchronizing method of multiplex transmission method, and carrier phase synchronizing method



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a multiplex transmission apparatus capable of stably extracting information under an environment wherein large amplitude noises exist. <P>SOLUTION: A timing phase synchronizing circuit 180 of the multiplex transmission apparatus comprises: a first gain switch and a first automatic gain adjustment circuit 181 for uniformizing levels on a frequency axis; a correlation filter circuit 182 for using the same coefficient as that of a training signal at a transmission side for a filter coefficient so as to eliminate unnecessary noises; a power value calculation and nonlinear filter circuit 183 that composes output vector signals of the correlation filter circuit 182, aggregates signals subjected to temporal dispersion at the transmission side, and eliminates an interference component between unnecessary adjacent channels; a demodulation/low pass filter/phase adjustment circuit 184 that extracts a timing phase of each of channels and aggregates the temporal dispersion caused by random phase rotation executed at the transmission side into one point at a receiver side; and a time axis/frequency axis median filter 185 for eliminating nonlinear noises on the frequency axis/time axis. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2008,JPO&INPIT
【課題】大振幅雑音環境下での安定した情報抽出が可能な多重伝送装置を提供する。 【解決手段】多重伝送装置のタイミング位相同期回路180を、周波数軸上のレベルを均一化する第1にゲインスイッチおよび第1の自動ゲイン調整回路181と、送信側のトレーニング信号と同じ係数をフィルタ係数とし、不要な雑音を除去する相関フィルタ回路182と、相関フィルタ回路182の出力ベクトル信号を合成し、送信側で時間分散された信号を集約し、不要な隣接チャネル間の干渉成分を除去するパワー値算出および非線形フィルタ回路183と、チャネル個々のタイミング位相を抽出し、送信側で実施したランダム位相回転による時間分散を受信側で1点に集約する復調・ローパスフィルタ・位相調整回路184と、周波数軸/時間軸上の非線形雑音を除去する時間軸・周波数軸中央値フィルタ185と、から構成する。 【選択図】図51




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